With over 20 years experience as a former San Francisco prosecutor and over 15 years experience as a defense attorney I am uniquely qualified to evaluate and rate colleagues of mine in the legal community. As well as expereince, energy and charisma, Joe brings a knowledge and understanding of the system and deep respect from those within the criminal justice areas. Joe commands respect and admiration from the court clerks to the Judges and everyone else within the system. The highest complement one attorney can give to another is that if I were in need of help I would seek out and retain Joe O’Sullivan. He truly gets the job done.

I have known Joe O’Sullian for over 30 years, both personally and professionally. Joe was a highly decorated Police Inspector with the San Francisco Police Department where he distinguished himself during his career. Joe is a fierce advocate for his clients in both his Civil and Criminal Law practice. He is held in high regard in the legal community in the Bay area

“The first time I got in trouble, I hired a family friend. He dropped the ball and things quickly went from bad to worse. This is when I called Joe. He not only cleaned up the mess that my prior attorney had made, he quickly resolved my case. He handled my case in such a manner, that if I am ever in court, I am most confident with Joe representing me. I was more than satisfied with the end results and outcome of my case. He treated not just myself, but my family with respect and courtesy during a difficult time. I consider Joe to be a good man and a great attorney and an average comedian.”
Brian K.-Client

“I have been closely associated with Joseph D. O’Sullivan for over 25 years, and have seen his work first hand. Joseph D. O’Sullivan is the best criminal defense attorney in San Francisco and the Bay Area bar none. Given his experience as a police officer – from beat cop through special investigator – he started off his career as a lawyer with huge advantages over other lawyers and district attorneys. While he was an officer he was involved in case after case that went to trial, and so he saw first hand how the system can be beat on its own terms. Many of the district attorneys that Joe worked with as a police officer went on to become judges. When the system is coming down on you, you need an aggressive lawyer who knows the system, and is unafraid to jump into the melee. It’s not surprising that he was a decorated war hero, and amassed 18 medals of valor on the force. That is who Joe is. That is what Joe does. People know that and respect that, and Joe picked up a lot of friends along the way. That explains why early in his career as a lawyer many of his first clients were the very guys he had arrested just months before. People just naturally like and respect him. They say that a good lawyer knows the law, but a great lawyer knows the judge. Joe is a great lawyer. Jurors recognize this too. I have seen more than one district attorney jump up in the middle of a trial out of total frustration and implore the judge to instruct the jury that the trial is not a personality contest between the lawyers. You see that, and you know it is game over for the government. In short, if I had a criminal problem, I would not hesitate to retain Joe. Time and time again, I have seen new clients come into the office feeling crushed from the weight of a looming criminal prosecution, but then leave after consulting with Joe brimming with confidence that Joe was about to relieve them of that burden through an early disposition or an aggressive trial if need be. I have also seen many prosecutors get sweaty palms when they realize that Joe is taking over the defense, because they realize that a fight against Joe is just going to be an uphill battle for them. Nobody has to take my word for any of this, but I am sure that any potential client who consults with Joe will realize within minutes that Joe will get the job done.”
Walter Cook-San Francisco attorney

“Joe is an extraordinary lawyer. He has represented me on 5 separate charges and has won all 5 for me. Unfortunately, I keep picking up new charges, but Joe is always there for me”.
Adam C.-Client

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Joe at his law firm for the last 14 years. He is one of the most esteemed lawyers in the San Francisco Bay Area and is great to work with. He is known at the Hall of Justice for being tough, and for always fighting for and doing what’s right for his client. I have known many of his clients and they have always been extremely pleased with the legal work he has done for them”.
Paul Dennison-San Francisco attorney

“I was charged with several crimes and was looking at a lot of jail time. All of the charges were either dropped or I was acquitted of them. Hiring Joe was the best decision I ever made.”
Edgar C.-Client

“Before I met Joe O’Sullivan I had probably had 4 or 5 different public defenders or low class lawyers. Although his rates were a little higher, he was 10x the attorney that these other guys were and worth every penny I spent”.
Tyrone C.-Client

“I have worked as a private detective for 32 years in California, Arizona, and Nevada. Joseph D. O’Sullivan is the most talented, conscientious, and loyal criminal defense attorney that I have worked with, in any jurisdiction. If you need help, hire Joseph D. O’Sullivan he has the experience and ability to help you.”
John Murphy, Murphy & Associates

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